The alarm bell woke me up at 3.30 AM on a Monday morning. I was not sure why we needed to travel to a place called KAAS - a plateau of flowers so early in the morning. 

The target was to reach the plateau early by sunrise time, still sleepy we embarked on our journey to KAAS. The weather on that particular day was perfect for a day out. The morning air was feeling nice and cools against our skin. Our sleepiness immediately evaporated as we started our journey.

The journey to KAAS was a beautiful one. There were small plateaus on the way besides the hilly road covered with small yellow flowers. Ahead of that, we could see a valley with a lake surrounded by mountains with clouds covering the peak of the mountains. we stopped to capture the breathtaking landscape on our camera and keep it with us forever. Stopping on the way to capture whatever beauty we could, we finally reached a large plateau. 


The plateau had a road in the middle and large landscape on both side of the road as long as your eyes can go covered with colorful small flowers. The flowers were varied in colors, ranging from blue to purple to yellow to pink. It was a rare sight to take in. Every season for almost 15-20 days, this phenomenon occurs, and a lot of nature loving people, families out to have a day picnic, new to experienced photographers turn out to enjoy these beautiful surroundings.

As I was traveling with two very interesting photographs, I had no other option but to sit and watch them try to get the perfect click, the perfect landscape, the perfect setting. People are allowed to go inside the fenced plateau only in some areas, as the flowers are trampled by people when they walk. It is very important to not trample the flowers, and we need to create more awareness among youngsters for the same. 

We spent the entire morning till the sun was over our head roaming around the plateau and watching the beautiful flowers and enjoying every moment of it!!!