Just imagine how life it will be without color? Terrible right? 
I don't think so!!!

Allow me to share some charismatic, an eye-catching facade of photography, yes black n white photography. When we think about black and white photography, we always see a combination of black and white color, or you can say base color. 

One famous Swiss-born American photographer and documentary filmmaker Robert Frank said... 

Black and white are the colors of photography, 
and for me they symbolize the alternatives of hope and despair 
to which mankind is forever subjected.

Golden words right han? 
There are numerous shades of white and black color like our emotions. To be honest, in this genre, you can highlight maximum details of your object. Before describing in deep, let me tell you this is my way of thinking towards color and I am not against any color photography because black and white are also colors only with some benefits !!!

Here we go, an image having several colors can distract your audience by taking the focus on the colors instead of the object. In black and white photography, your object speaks for themselves. Tones flourish and shine your vision towards an object. Eyes always fall in love with black n white color because of nourishment. Quality of tones boost up your object and sometimes you fail to achieve this with another genre of photography. With a range of shades available in white and black, we can nail a masterpiece picture with the help of this!!!


There is no light dependency parameter in this genre. You can score a goal in any light...Joking! I mean there is no special light timing; in low light also you can shoot your best moody, dramatic shot. Even in low light, you can add more drama with help of shadow and highlights. Several angles can change temperature and visibility of an object.

Lower ISO is the best for black n white, creates low noise. It's very difficult to hide noise in this genre.

I hope you folks enjoy the ride of white and black importance. Color and black n white debate is not healthy debate, so I am completing this with one small quote... 

Grab your camera and have some fun
But this time in black N white tone...

image image