Common man keeping aside all his personal problem and acts as a joker. 

King, Queen, Prince the three chief cards in the play card game and the Joker card always looking funny and smiling making the game winner in favor of one who is lucky. Joker card being neutral, strong, but at the same time not playing a significant role the King, Queen and the prince but still acting or taking the side of the one who uses, changing the game's forecast leading towards winning.

Here is my view, I have tried to bring in the same personality as of the joker in the life of the human being played in the society. In the present globalize, capitalized or the Marxist world in which character is being used in public power play, politically, emotionally, etc. To win the game of acquiring power in real life. 

In our society common man or person not from an elite class playing the natural role of joker who is strong and having all the qualities to play the major role to gain dignified position in society, wondering and waiting for a right moment of being honoured like the other class.