As you know, throughout history horses have played a very important role in human life. 
If you knew History as a subject in your school life and didn't take it as just scoring opportunity or whether you are a fan of any warrior in general then you must be aware how great kings, warriors, gladiators are found their success of crown. Yes, I'm talking about the contribution of their respective horses.

Trust me, The Great Alexander (my favorite) was the great king of all time because he was strong, smart an all that. As per my observation, his horse made the difference. Bucephalus was the best horse like the great Alexander was at that time. Both of them were very close to each other and fought every battle like Bucephalus was the body part of Alexander.
Bucephalus was the name taken in Greek history whenever they discussed the strength of the animal. In Mahabharata, they said after God Shiva and warrior Arjun, Horse is an only complete man. Now don't ask me what is complete have to read Mahabharata for that.


A man and horse can show their true colors while they are on the run. Today situation is kind of different as I read history or I know some part of it. Nowadays horse riding is a business status and prestigious thing for some bunch of idiots.

Horse riding is very good business at a hill station and horses are treated like fun material. Don't worry I also did this when I went to some places long time back.but now I realize. When I saw this horse I saw the emptiness in his eyes. The music he was generating from his gesture where every node was different. I smelled embracement of being a horse in front those people.

He was tall and white in color, they said he was the great horse when he has arrived in that place. I'm 100% sure that horse was shared the blood of true warrior.He didn't want to run for people like us. He wanted to run for his heart. Remember running is the only motto for horses and don't use it for just a couple of minute fun. 

But that day he was shy, ashamed of himself that he couldn't be made the difference because he knew his potential. He was behind that tree, something like praying to GOD, for one time he wants to touch the sky across and live life like a true HORSE.