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Life is a Mask

Life, as I know, is full of masked people who hide emotions, weakness and are dark passengers. 

I guess we are not comfortable to show our dark side to all of them.

Everybody wants to become invisible as they put their mask on and see ......

Looking through the binoculars... A Jungle Safari Adventure

It was the second day of our honeymoon in Orange County and we were enjoying our time in Kabini. 

Kabini is a beautiful place with lots of trees and surrounded by a picturesque river named Kabini. Avinash, our driver recommended us to take a wildlife safari which is very fa......

Black n White Photography

Just imagine how life it will be without color? Terrible right? 
I don't think so!!!

Allow me to share some charismatic, an eye-catching facade of photography, yes black n white photography. When we think about black and white photography, we always see a combi......

KAAS - a Plateau of Flowers

The alarm bell woke me up at 3.30 AM on a Monday morning. I was not sure why we needed to travel to a place called KAAS - a plateau of flowers so early in the morning. 

The target was to reach the plateau early by sunrise time, still sleepy we embarked on our journey to KAA......

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is an annual celebration of dance, music and other art forms. 

The festival is being held every year since 1999 in the month of February at Kala Ghoda, Mumbai. The Kala Ghoda Association hosts the weeklong Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. The Kala Ghod......

Live Life Like A True HORSE!

As you know, throughout history horses have played a very important role in human life. 
If you knew History as a subject in your school life and didn't take it as just scoring opportunity or whether you are a fan of any warrior in general then you must be aware how great kings, warri......

Am I Jocker?

Common man keeping aside all his personal problem and acts as a joker. 

King, Queen, Prince the three chief cards in the play card game and the Joker card always looking funny and smiling making the game winner in favor of one who is lucky. Joker card being neutral, strong,......